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This year, you helped us reach our $15,000 match goal in support of working students at Chemeketa! Thank you for doubling your impact and giving the gift of education.

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“At 15 I had my first full-time job while going to school. It was kind of just a requirement in my home that as soon as you can get a job, you get a job. High school was not a priority for me. I dropped out when I was in my sophomore year. I had been working for company for roughly 8 years, and it was just something that I wasn’t happy in. I was in the same position I had people getting hired after me that were making the same wage as I was. I was going nowhere.

I got my GED when I was eight months pregnant.


I hadn’t been to school in about 15 years. I wanted to make sure that what I was doing, my daughters could look at and say, "Our mom did it all... she went to school, she raised us kids, she did everything that she wanted to do.

That was my drive behind coming back to school.

I knew that I wanted to work with youth. I knew that I wanted to work with kids that were like me that got lost in the public education system and maybe needed somebody there for them to mentor them and just be there.

Chemeketa's Criminal Justice program came up as one of the best ranked in the state.

With the support of my family and friends I decided to return to school to earn a degree in Juvenile Justice. I love working with youth in my community, and this last spring, I interned at the Marion County DA's office in their Victims assistance division. I am hoping once I graduate from Chemeketa, I can continue the rewarding work serving at-risk youth.”

— Jessicca, 2023-2024 Clint Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Meet the McClintocks

When John and Nancy McClintock established the Clint Foundation in the early 90’s, they sought to empower hard-working students who have a desire to better their communities.

The Clint Foundation Scholarship has unique guiding principles. Students that are selected to receive the scholarship commit to:

  1. Help those who help themselves.
  2. Make a moral commitment to give back in the future.
  3. Realize the importance of working for something.
  4. Appreciate and respect the value of all work.
  5. Realize that future success depends on the efforts of others at all levels.

Since the McClintocks brought the scholarship to Chemeketa in 2011, they've been able to help dozens of students each year afford college with your help.

John and Nancy McClintock
with Dick Erath (middle),
founder of Erath Winery and
Erath Family Foundation

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